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The Best GTA 5 Trainer for PC



You can fully take Control of Yourself, like beeing Invincible(God Mode), Never Wanted , Off The Radar, Ghost Mode, change Run Speed, Name Changer, change Character Model, fly arround the map like Superman, Max Health, Max Armor, Animations, Effects, Walk in Air and more.


You can help other Players, like Give them Vehicles, All Weapons, Money, Health, Armor and you can also Teleport to them, Troll them a bit, but we dont have any Griefing options, we dont Support Griefing options, its not fun, its just Annoying for the Other People.


Everyone wants to be able to Increase his Money, increase his Rank (RP) and Unlock Everything in game. We offer you that!! Also we offer you something extra, with our Trainer, you can Change your Kills / Deaths / Wins and Declare your Money. We use the Maximum Security is possible to use to keep all our customers Safe.


Our GTA 5 Trainer is able to Protect you against other Online Modders with the Anti Explode, Anti Give Weapons, Anti Remove Weapons, Anti Kick, Anti CEO Kick, Anti CEO Ban, Anti Invite Spam, Anti Teleport, Anti Send To Job the whole Point of it is to Protect you Against Actions you dont Like others do to you.


You can Control the Lobby's Weather, Give Vehicles to everyone, Teleport them to you, Give them Money, and Troll them. (Not Griefing)


Our GTA 5 Trainer has more than 110+ Modded Vehicles and also has a full Vehicle control, you can Spawn Vehicles, Fully Upgrade them, Vehicle God Mode, Run Speed, RGB Color, Particle Effects, Acrobatics, and of course you can Spawn Modded Vehicles (they are in the Download .zip File).


You can Teleport yourself to the custom Waypoint you choose on the Map, and we also have add more than 150+ Available Locations for you to Choose and Fast Travel.


You can use Free Cam with Gravity Gun option to grab and manage Objects, Cars etc, and you also can Spawn Objects and Manage them with the Spawner.


You can Change your Character's Gender, Model and you have a Full Working list of Components to Make your Own Custom Modded Outfits, everything is Accesible in Game you can put it in with our Trainer and make your Modded Outfit, without problems like on the Stores in GTA 5. You have also the Option to Save and Load Modded Outfits you made in past.


You can get Every Weapon with pressing only one Button, and then you have a full list of Modifications for your Weapons like Red Laser, Shoot Money Bags, Teleport Bullets, RPG Bullets, Molotv Bullets, Firework Bullets, Fire Bullets, Explosive Bullets, Airstrike Bullets, Explosive Melee punches and of course, Unlimited Orbital Cannon uses.


On the World tab you can manage the Nearby Vehicles as you Walk to them automatically, you can change the Weather, XMAS Snow as example, change the in game Time, increase the Sea's Waves Intensity and Blackout the whole Los Santos. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- On the Misc tab, we have something Special who everyone was asking if its possible, you can Drive the GTA 5 Trains, you can Spawn Them and control their Speed, Stop it as a normal Vehicle.


You can Change up to 4 Custom Headers, you can change Every Color in the Trainer as you wish, and of course you can change the Scroll Speed, the Integer Speed and generally Customize your Trainer as you Wish.



  • Self Options
  • Online Options
  • Vehicle Options
  • Teleportation
  • Recovery Option
  • Teleportation
  • Recovery Options
  • This is a Demo Version of our Premium GTA 5 Trainer, here you can Check & Use a good number of Our Premium Features.


  • Safest & Tested GTA 5 Trainer
  • 10 Million Stealth [200ms]
  • 2.5K Safe Money Drop
  • Unlock Everything & Rank [RP]
  • Edit Kill/Death Ratio
  • Online Players & All Players
  • Protections [Against Modders]
  • Modded Vehicles [.INI]
  • Modded Outfits [.INI]
  • Weapons & GUI Improvements
  • More in the Features Section


  • Reset Your HWID
  • You can Reset your HWID for Medusa Menu and you can use it on Your New PC or on another PC etc!! Remember 1 License = 1 PC dont try to use the same License in 2 PC's. Just do a HWID Reset!!


Most frequent questions and answers

We are people with big Knowledge in C++ and how GTA 5 works in the background, we was running the biggest Recovery Services  and Account Boosting in the Market with 0.00% Ban Ratio, we decided to make a Secure Trainer so people can after a long time play and have FUN again in GTA Online.

We been Running our Trainer Privately sinse 05/2018 with 0.00% Ban Ratio and we done ALOT of Testing with our Team, everything is well Coded and Maximum Secured and Protected.

We are 2+ Years in this business and we have very big knowledge on what we do, we know exactly what to Avoid to add on our Trainer and for your Safety, everything is beeing Tested for weeks by our Tester Team before adding it on the Trainer.

After you complete your order, you only have to Download the GTA 5 Trainer from our Official Download Page, in the download .zip file you will find a Text Document, there we Explain Everything on how to use the Trainer, of course if you cannot do it feel free contact us via Skype or Discord to help you, we answer Instantly or within a few minutes/hours.

We are planning to Push an Update Every Week, we have all the Resources to do that, and the Updates of the First 3 Months are allready Scheduled and we know Exactly what Features we will add Every Time, and trust me, they will be ALOT of Features Each Update.

Everytime a Update is Available you can download it on our Download Page.

Our GTA 5 Trainer is working without problems for every single version of GTA 5. 

 Works on: 
• Steam
• Social Club
• Retail (CD)

No, we are using Private Methods and the chances of beeing Banned with our GTA 5 Trainer is at 0.00% right now, we running Privately sinse 05/2018 with 0 Bans, we have made Everything from Zero and we have Tested Alot our Private Methods

We are 2+ Years in this business and we have very big knowledge on what we do, we know exactly what to Avoid to add on our Trainer and for your Safety, everything is beeing Tested for weeks by our Tester Team before adding it on the Trainer.

You will get your License Instantly after you buy through our Automated System, the License will come to your Email, then head over to our Download Page, to download the Trainer.

If you wish to Buy with Gift Cards you will get your License Instantly but sometimes might take 12-24 Hours to get your License and always the Same Day.

If you wish to buy our GTA 5 Trainer with Gift Cards, or if you have any Questions please contact us on Discord or Skype to talk about it.

You can Live Chat with us on Skype or Discord and also on our Support Page.

We always answer instantly or within a few hours, but always the Same Day.


The answer is effortless! If you are looking for the most Secure, Trust-Able, and Professional GTA 5 TrainerMod Menu THIS IS THE PLACE FOR YOU! For what you are getting, we have unbeatable prices! Once you purchase the Trainer – Mod Menu, you will recieve a Email with the License, go in the Download page to download the Trainer and the Injector and there you can always Download the newest Updates, for any questions contact us on Discord or on our Twitter, to follow up with Updates. Delivery is Automated and the Product comes Instantly, if you want to do a Custom Order with Gift Cards via Discord it comes Instantly or within a few hours and always the same day! We complete all Menu Orders the Same Day. To follow up with all updates follow us on Discord or Twitter .
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