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Medusa 1.1.4 Changelog

  • -Upgraded the Option Info Box (UI).
  • -Updated the Name Changer (Self).
  • -Added Colors to Name Changer (Self). Picture 1 [Click Here] – Picture 2 [Click Here] – Picture 3 [Click Here]
  • ================================================
  • -Added Lobby Explosions (All Players)
  • -Added Burst Tires (Online + All Players)
  • -Added Give Player Semi God Mode (Online Players)
  • -Added Clone Lobby (All Players)
  • -Added Cage Lobby (All Players)
  • -Added Delete Vehicle (Vehicles)
  • -Added Speedometer (Vehicles, the Best out there, its Dynamic, its different for Vehicles/Motorcyles/Airplanes)
  • ================================================
  • Improved Menu’s Security

    !!NOTE!! Things didnt go as i planned them, the Next Update is gonna be HUGE!!!

    Antivirus Might pop up and say things, its because of the Injector, just ignore it.

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